The next step in non-lethal self defense

A small lightweight device that genetically marks the perpetrator with a indistinguishable DNA marker – combined with a UV fluid and pepperspray – not only fends of the immediate danger, but alerts those who can assist

A small device that provides immediate response

iProTech is a cellphone size, lightweight (~300g), waterproof device that activates by simply closing your fist. It easily fits in a handbag, and is an excellent deterrent against personal attacks when activated.

Activating the device, triggers multiple responses:

  • Coherent jet spray with a mixture of
    • Unique DNA marking fluid
    • UV marking
    • Immobilizing pepper concentrate
    • Unique scent detectable by specially trained dogs
  • Send data immediately to anywhere (i.e. armed responses) (GSM driven)
    • Captured photo of attacker
    • GPS position of device (not phone)
    • Time and Date of attack
    • Unique DNA code/marker
    • Address of victim (optional)
    • Nearest people (i.e. neighbours, family etc. – optional)
    • Medical Aid Scheme (optional)
  • Siren to attract attention (40 decibels)

But it doesn’t stop there. The device doubles as a alarm while on charge. While on wireless charge it can be armed/disarmed via infrared and will auto activate on intruder detection.

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